Hunting and gathering has never been this much fun!

Help the Paleolithic people to face fierce animals, collect Materials and make the first humanity tools.

Paleolithics for iPhone is a fun, addictive and full of surprises game.

● Unique, Fun Gameplay
● Equipable Weapons and Itens
● Trophies and Prizes
● 10 Stages full of Enemies and Bosses
● Musical Side-Play
● Cool Soundtrack
● Twitter / Facebook integration
● Updates Coming Soon

He's the father of the Paleolithic family. Very brave, can face any danger to collect Materials.

He has a dream of exploring the whole planet, but this ain't gonna be so easy!
She supports her family using Potions and Magical Items, but she's not an experienced hunter.

She won't get away from her husband at all ! (jealousy is Prehistoric, did you know?)
This boy wants really much to be just like his father, and he loves to hunt.

He might not be as strong as his father, but he do knows how to use long range Weapons such as Bows and Boomerangs.
The Elder is the oldest member of the Tribe. Wise and philosofic, he likes to give advices to anyone.

He wishes to find out why the animals are so angry. Do you think you can help ?
It's the Blacksmith who provides the Equipments and Itens to the Store.

As he is very strong, the Tribe people think that he might be the Hero that was mentioned on the prophecy. Whould that be so?
The Store's Owner is an really happy and full of life woman. A little distracted however, always losing her keys...

The Store has many Equipments and Itens that you can trade with the Materials you have found.
★ 4.5 / 5 - (see Review)

"Paleolithics is a Prehistoric Platformer that will challenge your multitasking skills"

★ 4.5 / 5 - (see Review)

"Even if you can’t possibly imagine getting excited over the anachronistic dino-filled foraging ventures of a Stone Age hunter-gatherer family, grab the Lite version of Paleolithics right now and see if you aren’t pleasantly surprised."

★ 4 / 5 - iPhoneApp-Reviews (see Review)

"I have to say, I've become pretty addicted to this game over the last few weeks. It's one of those games that's easy to pick up but damn hard to put down. "

★ 5 / 5 - iTunes Reviewer

"Wow I bought this on the look of the graphics alone and I'm so glad I did as this is such a cool game. A simple idea the screen is split in three sections top/middle/bottom and you just tap on the section to make that character do their action attack=top jump=middle ranged attack=bottom. But it has Rpg elements to it kind of like patapon where you have a list of missions you can choose from and keep replaying to gather more materials which you use to make new weapons or items. I'd recommend this to anyone for the price just take a chance."

★ 5 / 5 - iTunes Reviewer

"Finally something REALLY new in the world of games for iPhones! Congratulatons to the developers!"